Booking Site Updater

Channel Manager's Booking Site Updater automatically updates your inventory in all the booking provider and last minute booking sites, increasing your inventory visibility while eliminating over bookings. Manage your bookings easily, change prices to suit the market and easily change your inclusions for all sites with just one entry. Channel Manager lets you go on unlimited distribution sites to increase your business. Being a web based application you can log on from any computer or smartphone anywhere in the world to manage your Channel Manager.

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428/6/1, R. A. De Mel Mawathe, Kollupitiya Colombo-03, Sri Lanka.

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+94 778 317 647

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Monday to Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm
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The world’s first Channel Manager system to be developed, Channel Manager Australia, collaborated with industry expert, Ezy Code Sri Lanka to synergise on their joint venture -, a comprehensive Property Management System.

Channel Manager has established a hallmark of fame due to its widespread network, spanning across continents, used by numerous hotels of varying property sizes, from boutique hotels to national and international hotel chains.

Convenience at its best

With just one tap to manage your entire property.