Property Management Systems

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PMS is the most efficient software system designed to automate all the hotel operations, whether it's about managing reservation processes or updating guest's database or even updating booking sites. It's a one stop property management system allowing you to serve your guests with great hospitality.

With the most optimized web based software, property management comprehensively functionalize the operations in an easier and time savvy manner which in turn enhance the accessibility to generate leverage able revenue for your business.

Being an integrated technological solution; the PMS ensures faster and flexible functionality, giving you a competitive solution all the way. From tracking functionality to reporting updates, property management software keeps your hotel a systematically operated property.

The tech-featured manager keeps all your tasks automatically. No need to update guest booking manually. When a booking is made, the system itself updates and indexes booked room and keep you notified. Plus, all the informational data get stored securely with a automatic data back-up feature, protecting your data from any sort of viruses or any physical damage.

With that, Small property management system comprised of feature called revenue data management that assists in monitoring the revenue generated from everyday business operations and managing the revenue generation entirely that helps in maintaining the hotel and letting the business to compete in the market.

Besides that, revenue management tool updates booking price rates over the partner sites including booking provider sites, travelling websites, local travel agent and other associated third party sites. Once when the rates are validated on the site, it will be displayed automatically on all the website sources.

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The world’s first Channel Manager system to be developed, Channel Manager Australia, collaborated with industry expert, Ezy Code Sri Lanka to synergise on their joint venture -, a comprehensive Property Management System.

Channel Manager has established a hallmark of fame due to its widespread network, spanning across continents, used by numerous hotels of varying property sizes, from boutique hotels to national and international hotel chains.

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